Safety Policy

The aim of the company is to travel its customers through the world of coffee. For this reason, the company recognizes its duty to manage the safety of its products in the departments involved in their production and distribution.

The main objectives are:

  • Full compliance of departments with food legislation.
  • Food should always be handled properly to reduce risks.

  • Strict adherence to hygiene rules.
  • All employees employed in the departments to operate according to this policy.

As part of this effort, the company adheres to a strict hygiene and safety policy for the food provided, which consists of:

  • strictly adhere to the Food Safety Management System developed in accordance with the ISO 22000 standard
  • to follow all procedures to the letter
  • to carry out continuous training of the staff in matters of hygiene and food safety
  • to constantly verify the system
  • to monitor all critical points and prerequisite programs of the production process
  • ensure the required resources for the maintenance and updating of the System, the purchase of new, modern equipment, the improvement of facilities, infrastructure and the working environment
  • to support executives to exercise leadership in their system-related areas of responsibility
  • to maintain communication channels with our suppliers, customers and the authorities, as well as within the company
  • legislation to be continuously monitored and enforced
  • to aim for continuous improvement

At the same time, measurable food safety targets have been set, and they are continuously monitored for their achievement.

All the above ensure the realization of our desired goals and make us feel confident about the products we offer.

The Management Representative

Vasilis Arnakis